Gaia Portal

portalGaia Portal is the frontend of some major activities and services in Gaia platform.

Subscription Management

Use Facebook Connect or our single sign-on solution to allow your readers to sign into the mobile app (and keep them signed in) and provide them with more services such as:

  • Access to restricted areas in the App.
  • Ability to buy media content.
  • Offer your readers special deals.
  • View media content (i.e. video or eBooks) that was purchased on the Web.
  • Upload user content and send feedbacks.

In-App Purchase

In GaiaMobile platform you can manage your digital media products and keep track of all purchases made by your readers.

Examples of Digital media products:

  1. A monthly subscription to view your VOD content.
  2. A consumable buy for a live PPV broadcast of a football game.
  3. A subscription for a restricted area in your app that includes premium data
  4. A magazine edition.

Each digital product in Gaia Portal is associated with:  

  1. The proper digital products in Apple and Google accounts.
  2. One or more data collections. Thus, digital media items that the reader needs to buy in order to view.
  • Once a user makes a purchase in the App, the purchase is registered in Gaia Portal. The portal will keep track of all orders made by your users.
  • Using Gaia Mobile subscription management system, your users can buy on one platform (i.e. IOS iPhone) and view the purchased content on a different platform (i.e. Android tablet).
  • You can also control how many devices can view thepurchased content at the same time.
  • Coming soon: Using the Portal Dashboard, you can view the status of orders for given subscribers, extend or terminate the order and add new orders.

User Content

Apps in GaiaMobile platform may include a form with which readers can upload information to Gaia Portal. The information includes  user info, texts, pictures and even a short video.
All information is uploaded and stored in Gaia Portal. It is up to you how to use this content. For example, it can be used as a user content data feed in your app.

User Comments

User comments (talkbacks) are a great way to drive user engagement, and word-of-mouth endorsements of your users to their friends, family and business contacts.
Apps in Gaia Platform provide an ability to write a comment for articles and view other’s comments. Gaia Portal provides an approval process before comments are actually published.