Engage more users

servicesApps in Gaia Mobile platform have a rich set of features and services for better engaging your users and bring them frequently to the App.

Push Notifications

Send messages to your customers. This is one of the most basic of features, and one of the most essential for better engaging your users. They are easier to send than email, as they don’t end up in spam.

Social Sharing

Social sharing with Facebook, Twitter, emails, WhatsApp, user comments (talkbacks) and  user content is a great way to drive user engagement, and word-of-mouth endorsements of your users to their friends, family and business contacts – all for free.

Cross-platform subscription management

Use Facebook Connect or our single sign-on solution to allow your readers to sign into the mobile app (and keep them signed in) and provide them with more services such as:

  • Access to restricted areas in the App.
  • Ability to buy media content.
  • Offer your users special deals.
  • View media content (i.e. video or eBooks) that was purchased on the Web.
  • Upload user content and send feedback.

Native Video & Audio Players

Use our native video & audio players to play your media items. Users can listen to music while their cell is in their pocket, prepare and manage a playlist and even download their media files for offline playing.

Geo based services

Associate your content to Geo location and allow your readers to search and filter places and events based on their current location.

Feedback form

The importance of having a quick and easy way for users to provide feedback on your app is critical. Users will appreciate knowing that you are open to their feedback and that their input can shape the future of your app.

User Content

Allow your users to upload content. They can be your eyes on the street anytime and anywhere in the world. In Gaia Mobile platform you can manage this content, sort it out and bring it to the App in various ways.