Analyze your activities


analyzeApps in Gaia platform use Google Analytics for analyzing users’ behavior.  Google Analytics reports give mobile marketers useful data about who is using their apps and how they’re using it.

Without hard data marketers are basically making educated guesses.

We would like to share our top reasons for using mobile application analytics:

  1. Helps to build an efficient mobile marketing strategy.
    Without analytics to verify which content and/or functionality customers respond to, marketers have no basis from which to strategize.
    Analytics will help define a measurable goal. Does my app have an adequate ROI for my overall campaign? Which tactics are reaping the highest returns?If you can’t answer these questions with hard data, then it’s virtually impossible to build a successful marketing campaign.
  2. Discover which parts of your app people are using, and which parts they aren’t.
    Analytic tracking has the ability to show the different screens and paths users take when navigating throughout your app. By following which screens users spend the most time on and come back to most often, you have a clear understanding of the content users are looking for.
    It’s worth finding a better way to get them there.You can use this information to produce more content or further develop the functionality that your users will likely engage in.
  3. Learn which parts of your app drive valuable conversions.
    Mobile analytics enable marketers to understand which parts of their app lead to conversions and how often.
    For example, if you have a nonprofit app that accepts donations, you can tell how many people are actually pledging a donation through your app, even if all contributions are processed the same.
  4. See if people actually use the app.
    People only use 25% of their apps on a continual basis. Since repeat use is very important in building a relationship with your users, tracking whether second time users spend time with the app can give valuable insights as to whether the app provides users with good enough reason to return.
  5. Detect the mobile device.
    Which mobile devices download your app? It is important to the overall efficiency of your mobile marketing strategy to understand which mobile devices should be prioritized for QA and future development.
    For instance, if you notice that more Android users download your app, you can look into why this is, and gain a better understanding of your target demographic.

Analytics can help you realize the entire user experience of your mobile app – from detection to download to engagement.  Through data-driven decisions at each stage of the app life cycle, marketers and developers can create an app experience that is more useful and engaging for their users and overall marketing strategy.